Updating windows live

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Updating windows live - validating technique in psycohology

If you are experiencing problems, or need installation help please post on the Troubleshooting forum for EQ2MAP.If you have a suggestions, comments or a feature request for the updater post it on the Official EQ2MAP Updater Thread, chances are if you have an idea you think may be usefull there are probably many other people who would find it usefull as well, if your idea is possible i will do my best to add it in.

While Most all of these functions can now be performed much easier by the updater through the options menu, some have been left for anyone who still wants to use them.

Once the program is open it should start scanning files to check for updates and then download any updates that are available.

Once it is finished updating if there were no errors it will have update complete written and it should open everquest in 5 seconds if "Auto Launch EQ2" is checked.

-Rebuild the way the program saves it settings, should no longer need access to program folder. -Wont let the custom directory be se to default, fonts, sounds, or images -added a way to stop downloading -probably some other stuff i cant remember -made the file scanning progress show up in the progress bar - Updater should add a shortcut in its startmenu folder for more easily switching between the regular and test server.

This required a major rewrite of the Options window, there could be some buggs. If you previously set your eq directory to the test folder directory change it to the main eq2 directory and then use this shortcut.

Language: You can use this drop down menu to select What language folder to download updates to (only default will show unless you have language folders in your eq2 directory) Quick scan: If checked it will skip the file scan if no new database is available. (you should only need this is very rare circumstances) Log Updates to EQ2MAP_logfile.txt:when this set it keeps a record of what files were updated and new files that were downloaded, it includes a time stamp and keeps adding to the file "EQ2MAP_logfile.txt" which is located in the directory you installed the updater (usually C:\Program Files\EQ2MAP Updater) You can use the Show button to open the log file in your default text viewer.

Re-Download ALL Files: When this button is pushed the updater will redownload ALL of the files and will NOT ask for confirmation about overwriting any.Read the updates section down at the bottom for the list of updated features. If your antivirus detects one please report it to them so they can fix thier software. each section is split up by a series of dashes "-". This is split up into different sections and the main subsetions of each are underlined and in bold.- Updater will read your eq2file and update in the appropriate folder. The named mob 'Rendclaw' in the Withered Lands is labeled wrong. You can actually see him if you have a see stealth ability. Originally posted by atwystofate I just recently returned to EQ2 and had to reinstall everything including EQ2 maps and a new UI.If no eq2exists one will be created for you and it will use "EQ2MAP" as the folder for the custom interface directory. I'm not sure what I missed, but I can't seem to get the maps working.To change it click the Browse Button to the right of the path.

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