Totally relaxed dating

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Totally relaxed dating

But I did start asking friends if they knew anyone who they could set me up with, and also began occasionally getting babysitters to go out with platonic friends.

Part of the reason for dating, of course, was because I wanted to be in a relationship.I loved trying new restaurants, swapping stories, and making out in Ubers.I loved telling stories to my friends the next day about what had gone down on the date.As you can imagine, becoming a single parent changed a lot of things in my life, but one of the smaller implications was that I stopped thinking about dating.I didn’t leave my daughter at all for the first six months of her life; now that I was involved in the ultimate committed relationship as a parent to a child, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my dating life to look like—or even if I wanted one.Running into the coffee shop dude—who, in the course of our catch-up conversation, mentioned he was seriously dating someone—had made that clear. I’m back on the dating “scene”—but that scene looks far different than it did before I had her.

I take my time to get to know the people I date, and look at the evening much more as a chance to connect with another adult than a chance to meet someone who might be my perfect match.

And that’s because my dating hiatus made me realize that I was pretty content with my life as it was, right now.

Before, I had dated so much because I thought something was missing from my life.

And then, when I was 30, I became unexpectedly pregnant.

It happened during a one-night stand while traveling.

We had both gotten caught in the heat of the moment, and while condoms were discussed, they weren't used.