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They are a very dark grey-black and the image quality is often poor.

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Then, some sort of backing was attached to hold the tintype in place.

Thanks Steve Hi, I'm still looking for help dating this photo before or after 1870. If it dates before 1870 or at least 1869, there is a possibility that this is a photo of my gg grandfather who was killed in the Avondale Mine Disaster 1869.

110 anthracite coal miners perished on Sept 6, 1869 at the Avondale Mine, Plymouth Twp north east Pennsylvania.

So, I assume the photo is of another family member.

I have read through several web sites on dating old tintype photos.

The photographic formats we’ve examined so far in this series showing you how to date your old family photographs are daguerreotypes and collodion positives. Ferrotypes first appeared in America in the 1850s, but didn’t become popular in Britain until the 1870s.

They were still being made by while-you-wait street photographers as late as the 1950s.The huge camera in this photograph is the Diamond Gun Ferrotype Camera, which was made by the International Metal and Ferrotype Company, Chicago, Illinois and dates from the 1920s.The ability to utilise a very under exposed image meant that a photographer could prepare, expose, develop, and varnish a ferrotype plate in just a few minutes.At the bottom you can see the remnant of the gold border of an oval, and I am assuming that this is part of the original image and not a present border.It was not uncommon to have a photographer take a photograph of an existing image.Hi, I have a tintype photo that I am trying to date. The gentleman in the photo does not look like John Evans, when compared to several other known photos.

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