The only way is essex dress up game online

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The only way is essex dress up game online

Kirk has no choice but to apologise to Lauren P when emotions run high, whilst Arg struggles with his new diet.Joey is still torn between Lucy and Sam and is determined to ask one of them out at Harry’s 17th birthday party.

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Joey has a proposition for Mick as he plans to be the face of one of the nights at Sugarhut, whilst Mark encourages Lauren G to become more involved with his family and make an effort with Carol.The second series of The Only Way Is Essex, a British semi-reality television programme, began airing on 20 March 2011 on ITV2.The series concluded on and consisted of fourteen episodes.Mark and Lauren G attend a wedding fair where it’s clear they both have very different ideas of the type of wedding they want, but things take a turn when they catch Sam modelling one of the wedding dresses.Arg uses visiting the pig as an excuse to see Lydia, whilst Amy hosts a botox party where Jess isn’t happy to hear Lauren G slag her brother off.Elsewhere Joey and Sam go on their first date but she isn’t impressed when it appears to be a bike ride showing her all the places he used to hang round when he was a kid, including a dump.

The day of Mark and Lauren G’s big engagement party arrives and the guests are shocked at the scale of it comparing it to an actual wedding.Lauren P still reels from her break-up with Kirk unaware he’s already set his sights on Chloe when they have a heart-to-heart about their past.Lauren G tries to impress the Wright’s by cooking a meal for them, but she is left red faced when Mark abandons her to spend time with Arg.Lauren G is shocked to discover that Mark has had a secret meeting with Sam to discuss his new modelling agency idea, whilst Chloe, Gemma and Maria go on the hunt for an Essex hunk.As Carol makes her feelings towards the wedding known, Lauren G lashes out by blaming the Wright’s for the recent drift between them and Mark.Arg struggles when Debbie, the mother-in-law from hell takes him for a driving lesson, and Lauren G and Mark’s engagement news has mixed reactions from the group.

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