Skylar diggins dating daniel

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Skylar diggins dating daniel

Diggins also has three younger brothers named Tige, Destyn. Diggins was very interested in sports as she grew up playing softball ball.Diggins joined Washington High School in South Bend Indiana.

Diggins played on Team USA at the 2011 World University Games held in Shenzen China.

Being a professional basketball player, Diggins also have a very successful career as she earns a heavy amount of money through her basketball career, also endorsements for sports brands which adds up to her total net worth that is estimated to be 0 thousand dollars.

Skylar is a well-trained basketball player playing for the Women’s National Basketball Association’s (WNBA) Tulsa Shock.

The team won all six games to achieve a gold medal.

Diggins was the third leading scorer on the team with 68 points.

Tulsa Shock nominated her third pick in the 2013 draft of the WNBA.

She was an exceptional point guard for the University of Notre Dame, and became their unparalleled prominent scorer garnering 2,357 points in three years. Skylar has an estimated net worth of 0,000, which she derived from her athletic profession, hosting, modeling and a movie she appeared in.

Including her last year, also playing in the Mc Donald’s All American Game choice, she ended her career scoring 2,790 points, the 3 highest scoring girl in the history of Indiana, which had a middling score per game of 25.9 points.

Because of Skylar’s outstanding academic and athletic performance, various universities wanted to take her, including Notre Dame and Stanford.

She was also named as a WBCA All-American, also was a Mc Donald's All-American section.

After her high school, as a freshman, Diggins became fourth Indiana native to join Irish roster in the year 2009-2010, as she was one of three Miss Basketball honorees on 2009-2010 Notre Dame roster.

Skylar was enrolled in Washington High School (WHS) of South Bend in the state of Indiana.