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Unlike political conspiracies, the motives here aren’t necessarily devious, although there’s plenty of that. And what they concluded is that the most famous band in the world was an elaborate hoax pulled off by an endless array of actors and conspirators.Choosing what made the cut was not a scientific process. The only way four boys from Liverpool could execute the manic schedule of the Beatles is if there were many more than four (or they were on amphetamines).

That is to say, someone somewhere believes each of these. Then they will be convinced that it’s all nonsense. In 1966, Paul Mc Cartney died in a car crash and was secretly replaced by a look-alike named Billy Shears.

In fact, when you add the Illuminati, the arbitrariness of somebody’s success becomes a kind of circular-logic explanation for it (how else could Andrew W. These may seem, at first, old news and old-fashioned conspiracy theorizing.

And in ways they are — people have been arguing about who wrote Shakespeare’s plays literally for centuries, of course.

This is the era of the Illuminati worldview — that everyone who is famous, or close to everyone, owes that fame to the power of a secret cabal.

It is also when the theory arose that gangster rap was concocted by the private prison industry.

Which means, we think, you should be able to argue about everything on this list — from whether Nicki Minaj is just sped-up Jay Z (you’ll notice a gendered component to a lot of these theories) to whether Avril Lavigne actually died in 2003.

Before you start, though, one last note on methodology: We considered something a conspiracy theory if it alleges the covering up of an official story. The people behind the website The Beatles Never Existed have.Music, film, literature, TV, and anything else a celebrity might touch are organized by “genre” (do you like reading about zombie pop stars or Illuminati Svengalis or secret authors of famous books?) and presented pure — that is, not as investigative claims but conspiracy theories.But those arguments about secret authorship are also artifacts of the present and recent past, since until quite recently (and excepting real outlier cases like Shakespeare), it simply wasn’t the case that debates about artistic credit became matters of genuine paranoia (as opposed to just, well, debates about credit).You don’t argue about who “really” wrote the classic songs of the Delta blues, for instance, and probably wouldn’t argue about whether someone other than Francis Ford Coppola was behind the movies he directed in the auteur era of 1970s Hollywood.For decades, the conspiracy theorist shouted his suspicions on the fringes of society, never ascending to a position of such prominence as, say, the presidential nominee of a major American political party.