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; and many others relating to articles of dress, such as crepe (Spanish version : crepe), moire, etc. Like ourselves, the Spaniards employ many words which they have borrowed or adapted from the French, such as : garage, chauffeur, bon marché, debut, buffet, grippe, etc.

Moreover, it frequently happens that words which are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time. MACDONALD SOCIETY OF arts' FIRST PRIZEMAN AND SILVER MEDALLIST FOR SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, ITALIAN, AND DANO-NORWEGIAN ; LECTURER IN SPANISH AT THE MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, MANCHESTER ; AUTHOR OF " MANUAL OF SPANISH COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE," ETC. For " indemnity, bond " read " indemnity-bond." For " Ercanio " read " Escarnio." Resistir. For " arithmético " read " aritmética " Arithmetic. Abarrote, m., broken stowage, small parcel, wines, oils, liquors, etc., in small casks or packages. 1 There are many expressions with a, such as, a prueba, a sabiendas, etc., but these will be found under the respective word, i.e., prueba, sabiendas, etc. Abarcar, v., to embrace, to con- tain, to undertake. Abarrotar, u., to tie down, (Naut.) to stow the cargo ; to overstock, to pack, to glut. The use of the dash and brackets may be briefly explained.

There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes " ex " and " es," and one often meets with estraño for extraño, estranjero for extranjero, etc.

Abrazar, v., to embrace, to com- prise, to contain. Abrigar, v., to shelter, to protect, to patronise ; to entertain, to harbour.

Abreviar, v., to abbreviate, to abridge, to curtail, to shorten, to lessen, to condense.

\ TOURISTS' VADE'MECUM OF, SPANISH COLLOQUIAL CONVERSATION. There are also certain coined or vi FOREWORD adapted versions of English words, such as boicotar (or boi- cotear), to boycott ; interviú, interview ; interviuvar, to inter- view ; mitin, meeting ; etc.

From the Enghsh language the Spaniards have also borrowed many words, such as " bar (in a pubhc-house), club, detective, inch, jersey, sweater (garment), lock-out (in trade disputes), etc., record, reporter, trust (an industrial combine), hall, arrowroot, etc., etc." They have, of course, their own versions of many of these words (e.g., bufete, bar ; círculo or equipo, club ; pulgada, inch ; salón, hall ; etc.).

Acabado, a., finished, accom- plished ; in., finish.