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Catrin Aron shines as the wicked witch, with a theatre-shaking cackle and a broomstick packed with comedic asides.And when the great wizard is revealed as a mere man, there are heartwarming moments aplenty.

Echoing the images of the Great Seal of the United States, the image features 13 stars representing the original colonies, and a bald eagle behind the heraldic shield of America.

The final scene in which Dorothy is reunited with her family spells out the true meaning of Christmas to the whole of Sheffield. The Wizard of Oz is at The Crucible until January 20.

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There are laugh out loud moments for young and old alike - one in particular involving a poison poppy field, the lion and a misplaced oil can - plus plenty of tiny flashes of humour to revel in.

The audience arrives in Emerald City for the second half, and it’s a non-stop hour or so involving rollerskating monkeys, a terrifying mechanical wizard head and the deadly Jitterbug dance spell.

An incredibly clever set transformation and prancing dancers in eye-catching costumes bring the tornado which takes Dorothy to Oz to life on stage: not an easy task.

Together with her dog Toto, which stole the show at several points, she accidentally kills the Wicked Witch of the East and sets in motion a rollercoaster chain of events involving weird and wonderful characters.

An estimated 44 million American Silver Eagles were struck and sold in 2014, making it easily the most coveted coin among investors and collectors.

Now the latest version of the coin is available, with the 2016 1 oz American Silver Eagle available today from JM Bullion.

US Mint Engraver Charles Barber had been responsible for the design of all American silver coinage dating back to 1892, but his designs were slowly phased out starting in 1912.

Weinman’s depiction of Lady Liberty marching confidently westward toward the setting sun was inspiration.

The prices shown for each product under CC/Pay Pal are the full list price. George Rogers Clark National Park, Indiana is where colonial Americans overthrew the British to win a vast expanse of frontier land. This coin commemorates George Rogers Clark historical Park.