Online dating tips in iraq for 100

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Online dating tips in iraq for 100

Talking under the alias Mohammed Shuraf for protection, the soldier told the newspaper he and his comrades thought at first she was a Yazidi sex slave.IS warriors routinely kidnapped and abused women of the minority Christian sect.

Haase, the German prosecutor, said the girl ran away from her family home in Pulsnitz in eastern Germany last summer.

'Last summer, shortly before we broke up, she began leaving home with a small bag in which she had an Islamic headscarf and long flowing robes which she donned to cover up all her skin.

There were some arguments with staff.'She stole her mother's credit card and secretly bought an airline ticket to Istanbul.

He could not confirm her current whereabouts, saying that was still part of the ongoing investigation.

It's also not clear yet whether she will return to Germany, he said.

She was found alongside members of the terror group's fearsome all-female police force, some of whom were wearing suicide vests.

'We fought in the old town last Friday and liberated more houses,' he says.

Describing the moment they found her, he said: 'We entered a shattered house, which was previously under fire. It was the girl, she was alone, injured on the left arm and chest, lying on the floor.

'He said her clothes were filthy and around her neck she wore a thick scarf which she could also use as a headscarf.

She fled the country using her mother's passport and flew from Berlin to Turkey before making her way to Syria.

This week her neighbours in the village of Pulsnitz, near Dreseden, south-east Germany, told of their shock and anger that the promising youngster left home to join the extremist group.

She looked scared.'The Telegraph said it is thought Linda and the fighter formed a relationship after meeting in a chat room, where he convinced her to join ISIS.

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