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But 'How Am I Supposed to Live Without You' is one that I'm more personally proud of, because I am one of the two composers on it, and it's been played over three million times. Written by Bridger Cunningham Per Deadline, CW has cast Nicollette Sheridan in the titular role of Alexis Carrington, the first wife of Blake Carrington (Grant Show).

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You have to buy zis and you have to buy zat'.' He was basically telling me you diversify, go into other businesses, then you own private jets, if you want to live that way. I'm seriously disinterested in it."He was born Michael Bolotin in New Haven, Connecticut, to a Jewish family, and grandparents who had all immigrated from Russia. )He is 50, and beautifully dressed as you would be, I suppose, if you'd sold 53 million albums. I really like it" – and his watch is a monster, the size of a dinner plate. In the introduction, he describes it as thus: "This book is about the soul of it all, which includes the deep emotions and vital forces experienced in a lifetime spent developing gifts and pursuing passions". "It was," he says, "given to me as a gift by some very dear friends who are security-conscious."And his hair today? I think it was ,000." He then says: "The most ever paid for hair was for John Lennon's hair, from a hair cut of his, and it was ,500." If I'd known that, I'd have held out, I say, but weight for weight, your fans got the better deal, right? And when it was cut off, were you like Anne Hathaway in Les Misérables? He goes off on one, tangentially – I can now see this may be more because he's quite a stickler for the facts – and says: "My assistant and stylist were collaborators on my haircut because they knew I was thinking about it and they both wanted me to get it cut". We are here to talk about his autobiography, The Soul of It All.When Bolton divorced his wife, Maureen, their three daughters came to live with him, but he never says why, so I say: why? it was a mutual agreement to try it out and it succeeded. He then says he told that joke a couple of years ago when he appeared on Loose Women, and it went down very well then, too. So I had a landlord tying to explain to me that he was sorry, he couldn't accept one more cheque that was going to bounce. So, around the end of the month, when we were supposed to leave, we wound up moving to a much bigger house, and never looked back."Still, nearly being evicted eventually led him to his humanitarian cause, Michael Bolton Charities, which assists women and children at risk from the effects of poverty, including abuse and violence.For me it succeeded because 20 years later the girls were still living where I was living. He actually signed his first record deal at 16, but didn't have a hit until he was 35. "I will never forget having a landlord who was a really nice guy, but we lived in a duplex. And he had his in-laws in the other part of the house, and was carrying them financially. Here is how he tells it, in his own particular style.When I'm touring or doing a lot of functions or performances or studio work, and I have to fly into a place that is difficult to get to, I'll charter a jet so I'm able to do that performance, then get to another city, because there is no other physical way to do it, or because it's too taxing to then deliver what I'm going to deliver, like an 8pm performance.

But these people own these jets; multiple jets, in different sizes."I was at a dinner once with Tommy Mottola, president of Sony at the time, and we were sitting with Michael Milken [financier and philanthropist] at an event for prostrate cancer. Tommy is president of the company and had renegotiated his Sony deal every year upwards.I meet Michael Bolton – 'Grammy-award winner' and 'humanitarian', but never 'crooner' or 'soft-rock balladeer' according to the instructions to TV producers that somehow got caught up in my own press bumpf – at a London hotel and the first thing that strikes me is how small he is. He couldn't sit under a mushroom, for example, or crawl in through your cat-flap. Sometimes, his remarks are only connected to my remarks tangentially, which is interesting, or is this just something that happens? This is the fascinating journey of a man who is as powerful, bold, and soulful as his voice".But I had expected him to be a strapping, imposing fellow – probably, I now realise, because his songs are so brilliantly anthemic and huge and chest-beating, I was thinking of Tarzan. Michael is a fabulous name-dropper, which is great because I love a name-dropper, and he has possibly earnt the right."And you wouldn't have been able to go home after that, right? "They were up to their ears," he says, "in their own personal problems."The Soul of It All is as much about its omissions at its admissions.He hints at his parents' troubles, but does not specify, and won't specify now. "I think they were both a handful for each other and I think they found themselves over their heads in so many ways." A sister is mentioned early on in the book and then disappears. "I love my sister but she's had some hard times," is all he will say. It wasn't called homelessness then, but we were being evicted, as nicely as a person can do it." So you were evicted? "I signed a publishing deal and started doing jingles.', his way of saying 'It's all relative' goes like this: "I sit at tables at events with billionaires.

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