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Of the numerous discussion topics inherent to the fighting game community, one of the most pressing has to be, “Is this anime?

And some female artists might bring their own new oversexualizations to the table.Actually, your own Paizo examples also show how to find a good balance.(Counterwise, just because a character is not normally "fanservice" doesn't mean that they can't ...)Yep, that's what I meant in Seoni and Alahazra not being bad characters and Seelah and Kyra not being sexless characters. Because someone has to keep the girl out of trouble. It's been a slow burn of crap buildup(on more than just sexism) over a long time with both Marvel and DC taking turns, though DC really seemed to be working at it as if there was an Xbox Live Achievement for 100% completion at alienating female readers.Interestingly enough, the recent PC port of King of Fighters XIII is also included in the mix.While it may not feature a ton of the gameplay mechanics seen in typical anime titles, strong arguments can be made that its aesthetic definitely fits the bill.These sales will only be in place until January 12, so be sure to take advantage before then.

The Evolution Championship Series (Evo for short) represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world.Do you remember the "bounce" (which caused a "breast bounce") that female elves do in World of Warcraft as a random part of their idle animation? Of course, she then confuses the issue by saying that she would have no problem with it as a player controlled emote.:\ Actually, your own Paizo examples also show how to find a good balance.That's another place where more female artists(and writers(and editors)) would help.Fanservice for women made by women would probably be a more reliable thing to look at for reference rather than just continuing to push dudes built like Mack trucks sheathed in spandex as what women want.Alahazra, Amiri, Freya, and Seoni are much more then pin-up girls.