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He then buys the web address and posts the picture with the headline, I saw the girl of my dreams on the subway tonight, and the plaintive request: Please help me find her. *The next morning, Moberg throws on a blue shirt, white knit sweater and his ever-present hoodie and goes to work at Vimeo, a social networking site where hes worked for the last few months.

It remains to be seen how long the couple can sustain the fame bestowed upon them by the gurus of Gawker and the gatekeepers of GMA.He describes her fancy, braided hair, blue gym shorts, blue tights and flower in the back left of her hair.Next to her he draws a picture of himself: a brown-haired boy with i Pod earphones and a hoodie, with arrows pointing to him that describe him variously as tall, skinny and not insane.He is smitten by what he would later describe in an interview as her natural draw.But as hard as he tries to make eye contact, hes unable to draw her attention away from her writing, except for a brief sideways glance.The next day, at p.m., Julia Allison sends an email to 25 producers who she thinks may be interested in Patrick Moberg.

In the subject box of the email, Allison writes: Adorable interviewguy sees girl of his dreams on subway, makes website to find her.The two of them have become fixtures on Gawker, sometimes by the merged name, Jakulia Allodwick. Within hours, the media community is buzzing about the young Subway Romeo in search of his beautiful Juliet.The websites ongoing fascination with matters of dating, physical appearance and fame has fueled its fixation on Allison, an attractive 26-year-old former dating columnist who appears frequently on television talk-shows. In less than 24 hours, the shy young illustrator has gone from complete obscurity to the verge of fame.Lodwickwho, before Vimeo, helped found the successful website embraced his fame-by-association by, among other things, creating a joint website with his girlfriend called By Internet standards, that may one day seem like an eternity.There they post frequent updates about their relationship along with pictures of each other in bed. In the future, everyone will be famous in 15 minutes. on Monday night, Emily Gould, the 26-year-old co-editor of Gawker.com, posts an item about Mobergs quest to find his dream girl.The price of fame has dropped to a month, payable to Verizon Wireless.

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