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Finding affordable schools with quality education programs that translate to real career potential is the critical first step.

Examples of other expenses to consider include: In addition to these expenses and fees, also consider the financial aid received, such as grants and scholarships.

How much a graduate will earn is key to calculate college ROI, as well as making smart decisions about student loans.

Even if you’re not sure of the amount, an educated guess will still be helpful as it’ll be difficult to determine if you’ll be able to earn back the money you invested in your degree without an idea of future income.

The reason for making an investment in a college education is, of course, the expected return.

According to a Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce study, bachelor’s degree holders can expect median lifetime earnings approaching .3 million, nearly twice as much as workers with only a high school diploma.

According to salary.com, below are five majors that are a wise investment: For many students, the primary concern is what they’ll earn after graduating.

Although definitely important, some students may also consider other subjective, qualitative returns such as personal development and enrichment, life experience, passion, and socialization.The harsh reality is that some colleges and degrees pay for themselves, while others don’t, and in today’s job market that’s something all students need to seriously think about before enrolling in any college and degree program.ROI, or return on investment, is a term that many have probably heard before.The Bureau of Labor Statistics posts median wages for several industries and occupations.Sites such as are also useful for researching potential wages.For example student A may decide that she needs the personalized attention only found in a small classroom in order to do well, while student B can thrive in a small or large environment.

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    Instead, start with just a few of these easy tips and tricks. Or continue the discussion in the comments at the bottom of this post. It’s easy to do with a free online financial dashboard offered by Personal Capital.