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I ask editors not to jump in edit wars as if there isn't enough time in the world. Instead of placing them all over, one should make the sacrifice to write the article. Marc KJH (talk) , 24 March 2008 (UTC) I removed some pretty wild WP: OR, somebody had placed Romania in here.While there are different sources in use, not one places Romania in Central Europe.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.In other words, that Romania is part of Central Europe is at best contested, yet any attempt to present both views in the article has been deleted at sight.In addition, any fact tag added has also been deleted Jde J (talk) , 24 March 2008 (UTC) Romania is a country at the crossroads of Central Europe 46% (Transylvania, Banat, Crişana, Maramureş and Bukovina) is situated in Central Europe, 38% Southern Europe (Wallachia and the balkanian Dobruja) and Eastern Europe 16% (Moldavia without Bukovina) this is why the geographic position varies, furthermore is more Central European then Southern European or Eastern European Rezistenta (talk) , 24 March 2008 (UTC) Jde J, if the CIA factbook and UN locates Romania in Southerastern Europe (though i wonder why thes do that) you can mention it in the article Southeastern Europe, but it's not a reason to delete Romania from the article Central Europe, because they are also very important organizations, like NATO, who locates the coutry in Central Europe. --Olahus (talk) , 24 March 2008 (UTC) Olahus, I'm not suggesting deleting Romania from this page.In the past, I've offered some simple informal mediation, and I also make that offer here. I should point out that I don't see the content dispute, though.A completely neutral party would be the best way to try helping the resolution of this dispute. Two Romanian users are deleting all allusions to sources that place Romania in Eastern Europe rather than Central Europe, they delete fact tags, delete tags about original research.These are two pretty "heavy-weigh" sources and I'll look for more.

In the meantime, I jmention in passing that more "light-weigh sources" such as Lonely Planet also places Romania squarely in Eastern Europe.

And not just organizations like NATO, but also scientific publications locates Romania in Central Europe and they also explain why they do that. I did at first because I overlooked the source by NATO, but it is just as valid as those sources I'm using.

I would like to suggest you: Paul Robert Magocsi, Historical Atlas of East Central Europe, University of Washington Press. What I'm suggesting is to make it clear that Romania is included in some definitions of Central Europe and isn't included in other definitions.

Central Europe is defined as Hungaria, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and others.

The United Nations Statistics Division also places the country in Eastern Europe [2].

The CIA Factbook, the definitions of the UN and the Time Almanac all class Romania as an Eastern European country and not one source had been given for it being in Central Europe.