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Where’s the sense of shame, outrage, the sense of saying, ‘We’re not going to let this happen,” Baehr told WND.“We cannot do this anymore.” “The thing we need to do is avoid it,” he said.

“Our concern is that this film would say to other children that this behavior is acceptable.

The Los Angeles Times’ review said the movie includes a “discomforting anatomical ‘grooming’ incident between Jasira and the mother’s sleazy boyfriend.” Blogger Steven Pill said it appears that the public is making its statement already.

“I received a somewhat rueful message of congratulations from Eric Parkinson, the CEO of distribution for Empire Film Group,” he wrote recently.

“These people need to be stopped.” Baehr is joined in the boycott call by a pro-family organization in North Carolina, the state where much of the “Hounddog” movie featuring Fanning’s “rape” was filmed.

Under the headline “Child Pornography is Going Mainstream,” on the website of the Concerned Women for America, Donna Miller, a chapter leader in the Fayetteville, N.

WND broke the story about the controversial movie when there were objections even while it was being made.

Kampmeier already had a reputation for controversial scenes, depicting a young girl who is raped but doesn’t remember the attack and believes she is carrying the Christ child in her earlier work, “Virgin.” Although there was little interest in the distribution of “Hounddog” initially, it eventually was picked up by Empire Film Group.The “Hounddog” script revealed the Fanning character’s clothes dropping to the floor before she sings and an assailant unzipping his jeans.World Entertainment News Network was one of the first to comment on the scene, calling it a shocker for Fanning’s fans.North Carolina’s child exploitation statutes do not apply because none of the acts depicted in the film meet the legal definition of ‘sexual activity’ under our current law,” Gore said at the time. “For the state attorney to even suggest that this was art is absolutely insane. Carla Roberts, who runs the Yahweh Center Children’s Village for abused or neglected children in Wilmington, N.C., near where the filming took place, told WND at the time she would have to wonder about the adults responsible for putting a child in such a position.“There are things that are happening today that are not as egregious as [in the days of] Nero and Caligula, but they are pushing the envelope in some ways even further,” Baehr said.