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Fans have often wondered whether Stevie was dating both women at the same time and when one follower finally got the gumption to ask Stevie himself, Stevie responded with “@hexmurda: So, what was #Mimi’s position back when @hitmansteviej was f—ing w/ #Eve? However, Faust decided to quickly and calmly exit stage left before she felt Eve’s wrath as well.#l&hha Reunion” baby Joseline.” But during a recent interview with Vlad TV, Faust claims that she met Stevie first and dated him eight months before he met Eve. Luckily, she and Eve never ran into each other again.

Things went so great and Eve fell in love so hard that she made one of her biggest hits to date “Got A Man” to tell the world how in love she had fallen. as her first love, but it didn’t take too long before she learned that the producer was cheating on her with several women. Refusing to be bullied, Eve gave up none of her Ruff Ryder dough, and as promised, the tape hit the internet causing quite the embarrassment.One of them possibly being Mimi, since it’s been confirmed that Mimi has been in Stevie J’s life for at least 15 years. While many have said for years the tape was given to the black mailer by Stevie J., Eve said in her version of that it had actually been a former girlfriend who sold the tape. also confirmed this in a recent interview, though many still believe he is responsible.That’s understandable, since it’s also rumored that Stevie J.’s love of unprotected sex has caused him to burn many women not only emotionally, but physically, by transmitting STD’s.He once dated rapper Eve and he was engaged to Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter in 2008.Mimi recently sat down with the Jasmine Brand to clear up her open relationship with Stevie, and other rumors.But now the tables are turning as Stevie J recently implied that Faust was once just like Hernandez and played the role of his side chick. Faust claims that she didn’t know Eve was living there as well and that things went awry when Eve showed up at his place unexpectedly to find Stevie in bed with Faust. I would’ve gone the f— off too,” explains Faust, saying that Eve eventually left after yelling and arguing with Stevie.

Both Faust and Stevie have claimed that they were involved in an on-again, off-again relationship for around 14 years, which overlaps with the time that Stevie was with his other famous ex-girlfriend, Eve. “She comes in, realizes there’s a woman in the bedroom and goes the f— off. Faust explains that Eve then changed her mind and decided to come back to the apartment again and got into yet another screaming match with Stevie.When Stevie was in other relationships, we absolutely were not together.” On if they were together when Stevie was with Eve: “Absolutely not.When he was dealing with Alex we were not together.Stevie also revealed that he often plays guitar for Faith and she in turn, sings to him "all the time." Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. While the former 90s hit-maker admits that sometimes he's a hard guy to love, when he's committed to making it work, he says he's all in. Mimi, who cleans celebrity homes for a living, stressed that she and Stevie were not together each time he stepped out on her.

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