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Essex school website

As a result pupils feel extremely safe and happy at school.” and “The school does all it can to keep pupils safe at all times.” Outstanding Leadership of the Early Years provision has resulted in excellent support for teachers in training and very strong links with parents to promote children’s learning and well-being,” and that, “strong teamwork ensures that children are fully engaged in learning.” The full report can be found here Collingwood Primary School Ofsted Report April 2016 Our prospectus will give you a good idea of what our school is like however, it cannot be as informative as visiting yourself. Our school is situated on the northern side of Basildon in one of the most attractive sites in South Essex.

We are an outward looking school who believes in developing strong partnerships with our students, parents, parishes, local community and schools in order to create the very best opportunities for our students.This is the responsibility of each member of the school community, supported by the priests, deacons and sisters of the Basildon Catholic Team Ministry.Religious Education has central importance to our curriculum.A relationship based on mutual trust and consideration between staff and students helps to foster the learning, well being and overall development of each individual.Discipline is firm and we expect our students to be hard working, self-disciplined and well mannered at all times. John-Baptist de La Salle said to his first teachers – “You were called to make God known” – and we follow his words, believing that we need to make God important in our lives and in our decisions.All students follow a detailed programme of Personal, Social and Health Education, which includes Sex Education and Citizenship.

Students’ progress is closely monitored and parents are kept well informed throughout the year via a meaningful assessment and reporting system.

At De La Salle a thriving partnership between teachers and families ensures that children are cared for and supported as young people growing up toward a contented academic, social and spiritual life. John-Baptist de La Salle, a genuine care for students is at the heart of our school’s philosophy and lifestyle.

We have a comprehensive and long established system of pastoral care, ensuring that the needs and interests of each student are met and that they feel confident and valued members of our community from the start of school life.

We have a full programme of assemblies allowing for collective act of worship as well as a religious focus throughout tutorial time.

Students have many other opportunities to attend Mass, pray, reflect, discuss and deepen their relationship with God, their loved ones, friends and teachers.

Our staff believe in treating children as individuals, nurturing their talents and interests, and supporting them to build successful relationships and to achieve his or her true potential. Please do contact Mrs Wraight or Mrs De’Ath in our school office on 01245 322258 if you have any queries or would like to come and see the school at work .