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Dating vintage photos - merriam webster dictionary of english usage online dating

Sometimes the camera was fitted with a mirror or right-angle prism so that the end result would be right-reading.

They became very popular in the United States during the American Civil War.

Although prints on paper soon displaced them as the most common type of photograph, the tintype process continued to enjoy considerable use throughout the 19th century and beyond, especially for casual portraiture by novelty and street photographers.

John Coffer, a featured photographer in the New York Times, travels by horse-drawn wagon creating tintypes.

Chemical treatment then reduced the crystals to microscopic particles of metallic silver in proportion to the intensity and duration of their exposure to light, resulting in a visible image.

The later and more convenient dry process was similar but used a gelatin emulsion which could be applied to the plate long before use and exposed in the camera dry.

The glass was either of a dark color or provided with a black backing so that, as with a tintype, the underexposed negative image in the emulsion appeared as a positive.

Tintypes were sturdy and did not require mounting in a protective hard case like ambrotypes and daguerreotypes.The areas with the least amount of silver, corresponding to the darkest areas of the subject, were essentially transparent and appeared black when seen against the dark background provided by the lacquer.The image as a whole therefore appeared to be a dull-toned positive.It was perhaps the most acutely hazardous of all the several highly toxic chemicals originally used in this and many other early photographic processes.One unusual piece of tintype equipment was a twelve-lensed camera that could make a dozen Each tintype is usually a camera original, so the image is usually a mirror image, reversed left to right from reality.The ambrotype was the first use of the wet-plate collodion process as a positive image.

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