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It spills out all over Datchet, Wraysbury and Staines faster – and worse – than ever.’ RAF Sentinel mapping imagery showing floods in the Thanes Valley and Lower Severn.The RAF has provided further high-tech support to relief efforts in flood-affected parts of the UK, sending up a sophisticated surveillance aircraft to create a unique picture of the situation on the ground Mr Larcombe says the agency has made other mistakes.

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Tim Healy appears in the first few episodes of the series as cross-dressing Les/Lesley, but had to be written out after he flatlined and briefly “died” on set.

Janine has continued to star in the show after the death of her on-screen husband Kenny Ireland in 2014.

The ensemble cast also features Tony Maudsley as Kenneth Du Beke, Danny Walters as Tiger Dyke, Josh Bolt as Rob Dawson, Paul Bazely as Troy Ramsbottom and Nathan Bryon (Joey Ellis). The role is funny.”Shelley Longworth returns to the show as Sam Wood, making her first appearance since series five, and Joan Collins is set to reprise her role as Crystal Hennesey-Vaas, the CEO of the Solana Hotel Group.

Some are convinced it speeded the flood on its way to their doorstep.

Furious residents of the normally tranquil Wraysbury have had to contend with the fallout of the estuary bypass.

Jonny Vegas won’t appear in series 10 as Geoff Maltby, with Paul Bazely (Troy Ramsbottom) and Danny Walters (Tiger Dyke) also bowing out.

Steve Edge and Julie Graham will be back as Billy and Sheron Dawson, who will be celebrating their silver wedding anniversary. Shane Richie will reprise his role as Sammy Valentino.A fire and rescue team make their way through flood water in Wraysbury, England.The Environment Agency contiues to issue severe flood warnings for a number of areas on the river Thames in the commuter belt west of London The reason for Wraysbury’s wrath is that they don’t just feel the EA failed to hold back the brown tsunami of filth and flotsam that has devastated their homes and lives.Members of the Wraysbury community are blaming the bypass for the floods, claiming they exist to keep 'the Gin and Jag set' in Eton (inset) dry.(Pictured right) An eton pupil dressed for a school regatta I know, because I grew up there.Mr Afriyie, dubbed a ‘stalking horse’ after his Tory leadership ambitions were revealed last year, says the way to save Wraysbury is to complete the flood relief scheme to Teddington where the Thames becomes tidal, but with all work done in one go to avoid more flooding problems.