Dating life love make miserable suck when

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Dating life love make miserable suck when - absoluteagency dating service

I like to indulge the opposing view on strongly held beliefs, so that I can see if my stance needs adjustment or potentially, I could be wrong about it all.The point is, I try not to only listen to people who agree with me on things. They are too small to be a viable option for a normal person’s needs.

But to your dismay, it ends up seeming less than perfect.And along comes the next person you date, and the next, and they too don’t seem perfect for you. Should you just put up with a relationship that’s less than perfect because you start to believe that you can’t find anyone better anyway?[Read: 16 common relationship tips you hear every day that will ruin your love life] A relationship should make you feel better about yourself.Even if she goes with it, it’s possible at this point that you might have been drinking on your date, but now – as you make your way to the bed – you somehow have to navigate a tiny ladder and hope not to break your neck.Even if she goes for it, even if she has a good time, what is she going to do the next morning? Now if you are in a hippy town, you might be able to capitalize on this, but for the majority of you, this will not be the case.In this world, unfortunately money talks, you have to have it and without it, you can’t do much in this world.

Let’s say you are a single male, you met this great girl.

Fires can rip through the entire house in no time flat and being that it’s on a trailer; people can steal your whole house!

Take this and compound it with the fact that you can not insure it, you essentially have a k-k liability.

All in all it doesn’t make a strong case for tiny houses.

You expect it to be everything like they say it is in the movies.

Of course all these things don’t matter unless you have a fat bank account, because you can’t get a loan to build it.