Best method to consolidating credit cards

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And most importantly: Don’t transfer a balance unless you are totally confident you’ll be able to pay off the balance completely before interest starts accruing.If you don’t take the balance transfer route, you still have a few effective options to choose from.

Another major benefit to using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt is that you go from a revolving line of credit to an installment loan.There’s no way to rack up new expenses (assuming you cut up all those old cards) and dig yourself back into a hole.Once the personal loan is paid off, you’re officially free from that debt.If you have multiple credit cards carrying a balance, here’s what you do.Write down the name of each card, the balance, and the interest rate on each of them.Once you pay off your highest-interest balance, move on to the next highest (and continue to pay the minimums on the rest).

Keep working your way down until all your cards are paid off.

If your expenses exceed your income, you will need to improve your cash flow by reducing your expenses, increasing your income, or both.

Granted, this strategy isn’t for everyone — especially those who have mediocre credit or are trying to avoid new credit altogether.

But if you do have excellent credit and can qualify for a 0% balance transfer, it could be a solid option for cutting interest costs and paying off your credit card debt much faster.

Here’s why: When you carry a balance month-to-month, interest gets tacked on.

Debt snowball: Alternatively, you might decide to focus your efforts on the credit card with the lowest balance. Rather than making extra payments toward the credit card with the highest interest rate, you instead work on paying off the lowest balance.