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Homework is our first priority because kids have had a nice break from school as they transition to our daycare and are ready to focus for a bit longer before having fun doing activities for the rest of the afternoon and evening, which brings us to our next point…Tully's report on the matter found there were "inadequate passwords and insufficient technical controls" behind the initial breach.While passwords have been changed, Tully said the school has still not placed the streams behind a firewall or equivalent protection, and two of the cameras are no longer supported by manufacturer security updates.Churchill also said the government is considering creating provincewide policy on security cameras and privacy in schools.Tully has recommended several changes, including that the board: She also said the board should take a look at its rationale for having the cameras in the first place.The report did not specify what those incidents involved. We need to have safety, but we also have a right to privacy.

So we need to work out how can this happen with both things being respected," she said.

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Security protocols on surveillance cameras at a Cape Breton school remain out of date, months after images of its students were unintentionally broadcast on the internet, Nova Scotia's privacy commissioner Catherine Tully says.

The manufacturers of the camera recommend them, but they haven't done that yet." However, on Thursday, Beth Mac Isaac, superintendent of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board (CBVRSB), said all cameras in the board are behind a firewall.

"We would like our parents and students to know that we take their privacy very seriously, which is why we've passworded all of our security cameras and they're now behind firewalls as well," said Mac Isaac.

Mac Isaac said that particular camera outside of the washroom has since been disabled.