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NEWS DESK: The principal of a private school Peshawar was taken into custody by the Hayatabad police on Tuesday for committing crimes of sexual nature against his own students.

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The lymph nodes and livers were examined macroscopically.The police have sealed his school and obtained five-day remand of the suspect.EXPOSING THE MISINFORMATION OF MUSLIM CRITICS Sam Shamoun Part Two PAUL AND HOMOSEXUALITY The Muslim authors have not been content to discuss the topic of the paper, Islam and the Nursing of Adults, but decided to use the occasion to also assault the Apostle Paul, by inventing charges of "hidden homosexual desires" against him, a completely unrelated issue.A digestion method was also applied for investigation of liver samples.The MLNs in 84 camels out of 400 (21.0%) and the livers of 18 camels out of 400 (4.5%) were infected by L. The authors bring up the issue of Paul and circumcision, which we have already addressed here: So there is no need for us to repeat ourselves.

The foregoing articles also show how Muhammad broke the Law of Moses and was therefore guilty before God.It is revealing that their conclusion includes the phrase "".Obviously, it DOES matter what the reasons are when evaluating an action.Police officials said Marwat would use the films of students to blackmail their parents.Moreover, performance enhancement drugs, charas and weapons were recovered from his possession upon arrest.This was (and is) done by the operator - the mohel, the professional circumciser - with his thumb-nail and index finger.

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